Crafted with the little girls’ dreams in mind, Biti’s want to open a whole fairy world, where the sweet dream of becoming beautiful princesses of every little girl is fulfilled. Not only caring for their happy childhood moments, we also care for their feet with protective products meeting international standards.


Sole ​

EVA superlight sole designed with tread pattern increases slip resistance and maximizes support to every step of children.​


Sweat absorbing synthetic rubber.​


Frozen Sandals transform girls into princesses when going out or going to party with parents and friends.

Sandal Bé Gái Biti's Nữ Hoàng Băng Giá DRB023411HOG (Hồng)

Mã sản phẩm: DRB023411HOG35
329,000 ₫
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hồng Hồng
Còn hàng: 0 sản phẩm
Tư vấn: 0966 158 666
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